Who we are

Team STASIS is the home of a small group of student game artists from De Montfort University tasked with creating a playable game level from absolute scratch, utilising the UDK development software.

From concepting, visual design, research, asset building, level progression and finished pieces, this blog records the progression from 19th January to 30th March 2011.

Team members include Arron Manchester, Sam Clarke, Izzy Kahn, Sai Ali, Steven Jones and Tom Edwards.

For any questions or feedback please feel free to leave comments.

P.S A run through and fly through of the finished level shall be posted soon!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

cell floor wip

need to test this in unreal and add appropriate dirt maps and what not :)


  1. nice tom...perhaps try a bit more mouldy!! =D

  2. cheers man, yh ill dirt it up abit with a dirt map

  3. duno, i kinda like it the way it is =/

    you could add carvings in if you really wanted. I know if i was locked in a cell i'd be carving things into the wall to pass time... or to dig out lol