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Team STASIS is the home of a small group of student game artists from De Montfort University tasked with creating a playable game level from absolute scratch, utilising the UDK development software.

From concepting, visual design, research, asset building, level progression and finished pieces, this blog records the progression from 19th January to 30th March 2011.

Team members include Arron Manchester, Sam Clarke, Izzy Kahn, Sai Ali, Steven Jones and Tom Edwards.

For any questions or feedback please feel free to leave comments.

P.S A run through and fly through of the finished level shall be posted soon!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mattress WIP

Hmm. Thought this would look better then it does. Any ideas on how to make it look more natural? Ass print? Mould?
I do intend to have a blanket or some sheets kinda just left on it.

Should I still go with the wire mattress idea or should I change it to be a proper mattress or just a duvet on the floor?


  1. Hmmm... crit wise, I'd round off those edges as the corners are far too sharp, im not sure how you would do it as im gussing the wire texture is tiled but it would be good to see areas of of rust build up in large patches, make a dip in the mesh where its given in a little from use, and leave some evidence of the mattress material where it has corroded off, torn and dirty. at the moment it looks brand new. urr, yeah thats all I can think of, would be a shame to waste it.

  2. nah its not tiled dont worry. Im doing it face by face. I like that way better because you have more control =/

    and thanks arron :) cant say im confident with texturing, so any help is well apriciated. To be honest I'm worried about matching the rest of you because i work differently, but if anyone wants me to change anything please say :)

  3. No problem. heres some ref that could prove useful, you dont have to go to the extremes of decay but seeing the end results should give an idea of the ageing process.

    Due to the damp environment of our level the worn bed would have rapidly rusted.





    In terms of texturing I always start off with block colours, add slight gradients where needed and then build up with textured brushes. I try and make these myself as much as possible from my own photo references. For example my computer desktop is in fact a brush preset I made from a photo of my actual desktop, and several others are made from different textures I find on all kinds of things. Its great to build up a library of photos for this reason.

    A good mix of painting and texture overlays tends to be a good workflow for creating subtle detailing.

  4. http://www.ehow.com/how_6197302_make-brushes-adobe-photoshop-7.html