Who we are

Team STASIS is the home of a small group of student game artists from De Montfort University tasked with creating a playable game level from absolute scratch, utilising the UDK development software.

From concepting, visual design, research, asset building, level progression and finished pieces, this blog records the progression from 19th January to 30th March 2011.

Team members include Arron Manchester, Sam Clarke, Izzy Kahn, Sai Ali, Steven Jones and Tom Edwards.

For any questions or feedback please feel free to leave comments.

P.S A run through and fly through of the finished level shall be posted soon!

Monday, 31 January 2011

what you think

how come my model looks blurry?? anyway i cant remember the tri count it was around 680 to 700 and that is for the three locker put together...cant give you the exact tri count due to a problem with 3d max...for some reason its not opening!! it keeeps sayin the application failed to initialize properly weirdly it was working yesterday!! can anyone give me the cracked files for 3d max 2011...please its urgent! thank you...

various assets 01

Here's a few modelled and unwrapped assets I've done today.

I've altered the scale slightly after this, the mug and pill pot are now a tad smaller and the laptop a bit bigger. Let me know what you think about the tri counts :) wasn't sure about the mug being more than a laptop lol.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Importing into Unreal Tutorial

Hey guys, here is a tutorial on how to export to UDK, its rigged character based so alot of it is irrelevant but should cover how to import assets. EAT3D Importing into UDK

Important! Scaling/Unit Setup

Just to make sure we are all on the same page, I've had a look at how Mark Pocock set up his units and scaling for max and think we should follow suit as we know it works and we all need to be modelling to the same sizes.

In Units Setup [ Customize > Units Setup ] set it to custom and type 'uus' = '2.54' then Centimeters in the drop down menu.

In Grid and Snap Settings [ right-click the icon with a '3 and magnet'] go to Home Grid and in Grid Spacing type 8 [should be 8.0uus] for Major Lines every Nth Grid Line set to 8.

To illustrate scale create a box with z height 96uus, x length 33uus and y depth 33uus. This will represent the scale of the player.

Use your judgement to size your assets accordingly.

textured security cam WIP

heres a fullt textured security camera. any crits? this the kind of style you guys want?


Friday, 28 January 2011


Stairs so far. Going to set the modular walkways next. Let me know what you think.

cam paintover

the kind of feel I'm going for:

Raven Security

This is the logo I'm guna put on all the security assets I'm doing, just to add a little more depth :)

security camera WIP

hey guys, here's the security cam so far, let me know what you think. comes in at 542 tris, maybe a bit too much. I think we'll probably have around 8 in the level.

drop box

the account i set up for drop box is working. Same as hotmail login details. Let me know how u get on.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mark Pocock's presentation

I know Steve and Izzy weren't in today so If anyone wants to look over Marks presentation I've uploaded it here: Group Project Advice

The assets i will be modelling!

and heres a site i found...we could link some ideas with our textures at the end!!


Sound Effects

Hey guys, jumping ahead a bit here but i've signed us up with Freesound Project login Username: DMUStasis Password: stasis11
free with creative commons liscence so long as we don't make the level public we don't need to credit, depending on the samples used. The database is massive varying in quality but I've used it before and found some pretty decent stuff. So yeah, this is mostly for future reference once we have the important stuff out of the way.

Colour Pallet

Heres the colour pallet from one of the concepts. This should help us to get a unified mood. The actual swatches can be found in the K: drive in the 'other' folder, entitled: colour pallet 2. [i think]
you can load this into the swatches in photoshop. :]

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

new name/logo revamp ideas

Arron suggested 'Stasis' which I think is a really cool name for a game company. The logo could also include some sort of sleeping chamber or something. 

Quick Reference Asset List

Heres the list we wrote today for easy access. The original excel file is on the K drive.

Death Chair

Making Sure Your Grids Are Set Up In Max

Steven helped me make sure my grid was set up correctly in max for modelling (to make it easier to take into UDK), and I thought I'd write it up quickly - partially so I don't forget!

First, right-click on Grid and Snap Settings.

On Snaps make sure Grid Points is checked.

On Home Grid, change the Grid Spacing to a value of 2 (1,2,4,8,16,32, etc). For this project, keeping it between 8 and 16 is best.

To make things easier, keep the pivot point to a corner, especially if the shape has an odd number of grid points.

Potential Team Name Change

Ello ello.

I noticed randomly that the first letters from our first names spells out "ASSIST"

(Arron, Sam, Steven, Izzy, Sai, Tom).

Team Assist. Assits Studios. It might be less of a mouthful, so lets have a vote :)

Assist vs Japanese Log Splitters


Group Meeting 03

21st Jan 2010






By this time, the mock-up of the level was almost complete, thanks to Steven’s hard work. Scale had to be adjusted, and some place-holders and small details needed added, but the level was complete enough to help us visualise and plan better.
We had also worked out that assets may have to be scaled up by 25% to suit the level (when being played, it seemed small, despite using real-world measurements).
We had planned to have a list of assets organised on Tuesday 25th January, after we had had more time to look around and take note.

Overview of Meeting

We decided to change and refine a few ideas. Whilst Arron was working on coherent floor-plans, we decided to be sure of the areas we would be building, and thought about how the player could navigate through the level.  One idea was to change the toilet to a lift – there is a toilet on each floor in the same place, so it would be logical, and it would also offer the “killer” a way to transport the bodies to different floors. If we could get it working, it would provide a way for the player to move quickly and offers a change for us to do something to the stairs (such as water pouring down it). If we decided to leave it broken it would add to the atmosphere - a long drop down a dark narrow shaft. Perhaps a fan at the top, flickering the light?
However, first things first. The Middle floor is the main area, so this is where work will begin. After discussing technical limitations, we opted to change the water level on this floor from a few inches to a few millimetres. More like damp or a puddle instead of a shallow body of water. This would save us having to model too much dripping/ pouring water, although we will still have to have it splash as the player runs through it.

Another area to focus on is lighting. It will be very important for making our level look real and convincing. Due to all the water in the level, we have to think about dynamic lighting; how it will bounce around the level, how it will reflect off the water and how it will cast shadows.

We are unsure at the moment, but thought it would be best to have one texture sheet for each asset.

Side Notes


Monday, 24 January 2011

Security/Reception area concept

This is how i imagined the security desk/reception/cctv area place. From Toms 360 concept this corner looks really dark with next to no wall or ceiling lights. It makes the hum of the plasma telly and possibly some monitors on the desk really stand out and noticeable, giving the 'being watched in the dark' feel. It will also give the flickery room more impact. The design of the desk and things like that aren't meant to be final, and its not meant to look like block concrete either but meh. It is meant to be dark but it might look even darker on other screens cos i cant seem to get they settings right on my screen or computer, will have a look in the labs tomoz


If you cant make out my writing just ask. the triangle thing on the bottom right of the first image is the waterfall drop thing

Saturday, 22 January 2011

UDK Tutorials - UPDATED

Hey Hey, Heres the EAT3D UDK Lighting tutorial and UDK Introduction in full, they are pretty big so make sure you have uninterrupted download time. If people have problems downloading I'll bring them to the next meeting, just let me know...



Friday, 21 January 2011

Extended Blueprints / Map

Okay here is the extended blueprints, I haven't included things like luminol/crime scene spots as I think that needs discussing. I've included cages/holding cells in the room on the first floor which could be where the killer held his victims. The room adjacent features a doctors chair where the killer tortured/killed some of his victims. There is also a hack saw to be used on the padlock to gain entrance to the control room, what do you guys think? If i've missed anything let me know, it isn't really all to scale. I was also unsure where to put the burst pipe that is causing the flood, I intended to place it on the very top floor so if anyone has any ideas please say.

Hope you like!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mood Board!!!

so what do you think? do you think i went wild with the lines or does it show good connection between what we researched and how we developed our ideas???

some assets that we could include!?

Some basic assets that could be included in our level:
- Fire extinguisher
- Plastic cups
- Bottles
- Mugs/cups
- Knifes
- Probably food for example; Bread, sweets etc.
- White board, pencils, pens, rulers, calculator
- Computers, desktop, cracked TV, cameras, video cameras
- Scientist coats, wallets, phones, broken glasses, telephone
- Cracked frames with pictures, posters

- If more please state =D

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

which one???

or the brighter one??


heres my first concept just before the serial killer washes away his evidence....what do you think?? how can i improve it?? what shall i do with the bottom floor??


White and Creepy

Water Damage




360 concept

Hey guys, heres what I've worked on tonight. I think it's close to what we discussed earlier. Any suggestions changes?